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After these months of confinement, finally freedom! For this summer, you don't want to laze for hours on the beach and spend the same vacation as your neighbor (as long as you respect social distancing…)? To wow your loved ones and keep unforgettable memories of your stay, you can opt for the practice of an unusual activity. Whether you are spending the summer with family or friends, everyone will leave with stars in their eyes.

A dog sled ride in the Vercors

Who said that you have to have 3 meters of snow under your feet to take a sleigh ride pulled by a pack of huskies with their tongue blowing in the wind? Indeed, even in summer, a dog sled ride in the Vercors, for example, is possible. Few people know it and therefore think of doing it, so many sled dogs are associated with snow. And yet! You will have the opportunity to spend a privileged moment with adorable very sporty doggies, known for their endurance and their strength since the dawn of time. All this takes place in the heart of nature and allows you to discover the Vercors massif from a new perspective. Enjoy the feeling of speed aboard the sled, during a real homecoming guided by the musher. Maybe you can even learn how to drive a team?

A dog sled ride?

La water ball

In most ski resorts that have a summer recreation center around a lake, you will find these famous giant transparent balls. The activity is simple and very, very funny: you are made to enter a kind of giant plastic balloon, which you close. Don't worry, you can still breathe! The facilitator then launches you on the lake where you will float, and you will have to manage to come back to the shore as a hamster would do in its ball. Laughter guaranteed! The activity is original, very fun and is becoming more and more trendy. It is appreciated as much by adults as by the little ones.

Bubble foot

This activity again consists of making you enter a plastic ball. However, this time, you are not floating on the water, your legs will be completely free to play… football. You can completely decide to create a team or face your loved ones. But this is not a match like any other: because of the giant ball that surrounds you, like a sumo, there is a good chance that you will literally bump into each other and everyone will end up on the ground, but without to hurt yourself !

Summer tobogganing

As with the dog sled ride, you don't necessarily need snow to go sledding. Many ski resorts in the Vercors, the Alps and the Pyrenees have planned everything so that the activity is also practicable in summer. Obviously, this does not take place on the ground. Like amusement parks, you are launched on a circuit sometimes in height. You can share your sled with a loved one. It's completely safe and you can slow down with a manual brake. Usually you will be given a photo and your speed on arrival!

The flyboard

Flyboarding is without a doubt the trendy activity. Today we can find spots on almost all French beaches. You just go on a kind of skateboard on the water. Hang in there, because the flyboard will propel you out of the water to more than 7 meters in height. It is a unique sensation to feel at least once in your life.

The biggest zip line in France

If you like heights and are looking for thrills, you should try France's largest zip line, at La Colmiane in the Alpes Maritimes. The descent is spread over nearly 2 kilometers and you can reach a speed of up to 120km / h!

A tour en montgolfière

Everyone knows about paragliding. However, not many people have ever taken a hot air balloon ride. You just need to let yourself float in the sky. We recommend that you take a sunset tour. Whatever the location: the panorama will be breathtaking, especially over the Vercors mountains! You can immortalize this moment through photographs and videos. In France, it is possible to do it above the volcanoes of Auvergne or above the mountain ranges.

A hot air balloon flight?

Free fall

Have you always wondered how people who jump from a parachute feel? The free fall simulator will give you an answer without forcing you to have to do it. In complete safety, we launch you in an air column that will propel you into the air. It's a good way to treat yourself to a hell of a dose of adrenaline, without danger. More and more wind tunnels are opening in France and it is possible to find them in all the big cities. Obviously, two of you can be in the column to share this with someone you care about.

Sleep among wild animals

More and more zoos like the Pal or the Zoo de la Flèche are starting to offer stays in their parks. Rooms are created in the heart of the enclosures to welcome visitors. If you wake up having a bear or a pack of wolves at your window, you are not going to be able to remain indifferent! What could be better than waking up in the middle of nature?

The French Colorado by helicopter

Do you dream of flying over the American Grand Canyon, but you don't feel like making the trip to the United States? You don't have to travel far to see such a landscape. Indeed, in the Lubéron, we have similar settings. It is possible to fly over the French Grand Canyon by helicopter or microlight. All your loved ones will believe that you have gone to the other side of the world!

So, what unusual activity tempts you the most for this summer? Share your desires in the comments!

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